• Cross-border movement of people: Barriers, hazards and health

      Boran, Anne; University of Chester (Chester Academic Press, 2007-07-18)
      This book chapter discusses the cross-border movement of people - an aspect of globalisation which has recieved insufficient attention.
    • Health and Trust Relations

      Powell, Jason; University of Chester (Sryahwa, 2018-09-13)
      The paper is a critical review of the problems and implications of trust and in managing health in the British health system. It is a system in need of strong management in the light of the global downturn in recently. Despite of policies on leadership in health in the UK, the macro issues for why the needs of diverse groups are not met are difficult to understand at particular levels of analysis. The central problem has been lack of ‘trust’ relations. The paper detangles the implications of different forms of trust in order to understand health relations in health contexts which has implications for practitioner, policy makers and medical personnel.
    • Trust, Risk, Health and Aging in Asia: A New Philosophy

      Powell, Jason; University of Chester (Lupine Publishers, 2018-09-10)
      This paper reviews the important of trust and risk in relation to healthcare in Asia.
    • “Trust”, professional power and social theory: Lessons from a post‐Foucauldian framework

      Powell, Jason; Owen, Tim; University of Chester; UCLan (Emerald, 2006-03-01)
      The findings illustrate that the concept of “trust” and relationship to health services can be understood through a post‐Foucauldian lens.