• Contemporary Social Issues in Modern Society

      Powell, Jason; University of Chester (Nova Science Publishers, 2013-11-23)
      This book explores the major contemporary social issues in modern society with a clear focus on major facets of social life. The book examines the relevance of crime, employment, social care and family life - and suggests that in different ways each major theme is essential for understanding the past, present and future.
    • Hospice

      Powell, Jason; University of Chester (Wiley, 2015-12-21)
      This explores the rise of the hospice movement in the US.
    • Later Life

      Powell, Jason; University of Chester (Nova Science Publishers, 2013-09-05)
      This book explores the theoretical issues inherent in exploring later life in modern society. To deal effectively with the challenges created by population aging, it is vital to first understand these demographic, economic, and social changes and, to the extent possible, their causes, consequences, and implications. Sociological theories offer a knowledge base, a number of useful analytic approaches and tools, and unique theoretical perspectives that can be important aids to this task for students, researchers and policy makers.
    • Social Gerontology

      Powell, Jason; University of Chester (Nova Science Publishers, 2013-11-17)
      This book explores the concept of aging and presents it in the disciplinary field entitled 'Social Gerontology'. The book examines key theories that have emerged and the problems and possibilities of such theories to understand key social issues affecting older people such as health, welfare, leisure and identity.