• ‘Introduction’ in Neo-Liberalism, Economic Radicalism and the Normalization of Violence

      Powell, Jason; Chen, Sheying; University of Chester; Pace University (Springer Verlag, 2016-04-01)
      This edited volume offers a rich tapestry of critical theorizing about the relationship of forms of physical and symbolic violence in a global world. It provides an important volume of the Springer International Perspectives on Social Policy, Administration and Practice book series. They raise critical questions about social inaction and action and the problems of ideologies which provide mystification processes that denies positive social identity. Of course, the spectre of problems of economic violence against subjugated groups in neo-liberal globalization has endured a lasting legacy. Huge numbers of people struggle with poverty and significant pockets of poverty portend more than lack of income. Those living on the bottom of the socio-economic ladder labor under the burden of avoidable, lifestyle diseases, hunger and related maladies, not to mention myriad social risks.