• Assessing the perceived limitations of Reflexive Groups for supporting Clergy in the Church of England

      Gubi, Peter M.; University of Chester (Taylor & Francis, 2017-01-18)
      For this research, eight Church of England Bishops’ Advisors for Pastoral Care and Counselling were interviewed to ascertain the limitations of Reflexive Groups (RGs). The data were analysed using a thematic analysis. One superordinate theme emerged: Hindrances, along with 10 subordinate themes. An online survey was then sent to RG participants (n=64), to see if their experiences matched those limitations identified by the Bishops’ Advisors. The data reveal that RGs are perceived as limited by the inability of clergy to commit to the time; it was scary for participants to be vulnerable with others; sometimes the needs of some participants were too big and could sabotage the group; dual relationships could cause complexity and hinder sharing; prayer; being sent by a Bishop or Archdeacon; the open agenda and style of facilitation does not suit some people; and sometimes there are struggles with expectations.
    • The use of Reflexive Practice Groups in spiritual development

      Gubi, Peter M.; University of Chester (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017-05-01)
      Chapter on the use of reflexive groups in spiritual development