• Catherine Raisin

      Burek, Cynthia V.; University of Chester (The National Federation of Women's Institutes, 2011)
      This article discusses the life and career of the geologist and educational pioneer Catherine Raison (1855-1945)
    • The first female Fellows and the status of women in the Geological Society

      Burek, Cynthia V.; University of Chester (Geological Society, 2009-08-01)
    • Forgotten women in an extinct Saurian (man's) world

      Turner, Susan; Burek, Cynthia V.; Moody, Richard T. J.; Monash University ; University of Chester ; Kingston University (Geological Society, 2010-10-01)
      This book chapter discusses some forty women who made major contributions to the study of fossil vertebrates, especially reptilian taxonomy, by specializing in the dinosaurs and related ‘saurians’. Most who were involved over the first 150 years were not professional palaeontologists but instead wives, daughters and pure (and usually unpaid) amateurs.
    • Llandudno trail questionnaire and workshop

      Tilson, Elaine; Burek, Cynthia V.; Underwood, John; Legg, Colin; University College Chester (Association of UK RIGS Groups, 2004)
      This book chapter discusses the development and production of a geologically focused brochure based on Llandudno.
    • The role of women in geological higher education - Bedford College, London (Catherine Raisin) and Newham College, Cambridge, UK

      Burek, Cynthia V.; University of Chester (The Geological Society of London, 2007-06-01)
      This book chapter explores the place of geology in science education and the part women have played in geological higher education through history. The context is set firstly by exploring the informal role women have played in education in general and secondly, by explaining in detail the positions they held after 1870, when female higher education was put onto a more formal footing. To illustrate this, the evolution of two female colleges of higher education - Bedford College, London and Newnham College, Cambridge both offering geological education within science are evaluated within a wider educational context. Finally, the cases of Dr Catherine Raisin, who was based at Bedford College, and Dr Gertrude Elles, based at Newnham College as role models are highlighted within this wider framework.
    • The role of women in the history of geology: An introduction

      Burek, Cynthia V.; Higgs, Bettie; University of Chester ; University College Cork (The Geological Society of London, 2007-08-01)
      This book chapter discusses the role of women in the history and development of geology, focusing on the characteristics of women who played a role, the influence of society, the situation today, and the legacy of these early pioneers.
    • The role women gave played in developing the science of geology 1797 to 1918-19

      Burek, Cynthia V.; University of Chester (Open University Geological Society, 2008)
      This article examines the roles that women played in the development of geology over 120 years
    • Walking through the past

      Burek, Cynthia V.; Chester College of Higher Education (English Nature, 1997-07)
      This journal article discusses the Llangollen town walking trail which encourages people to examine the local geology.
    • Where are the women in geology?

      Burek, Cynthia V.; University of Chester (Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society, 2008)
      This article looks at the place of women in geology primarily from a historic viewpoint but also covering academia and geography. The role that women have played in the development of the science of geology has varied tremendously throughout history but is intimately linked the the context of women's place in society. Two issues will be looked at in detail - the effect of travel to field locations and the place of female role models (or the lack of them). In the realm of academic, the article will examine whether female geologists have favoured palaeontology and consider what other European countries think about female scientists and female geologists.