• The complete mitochondrial genome and phylogenetic position of the critically endangered Trinidad Piping Guan, Pipile pipile synonym Aburria pipile (Aves: Galliformes).

      Grass, Amelia; Hosie, Charlotte A.; McDowall, Ian; University of Chester (Taylor & Francis, 2016-09-04)
      The complete mitochondrial genome of the Critically Endangered Trinidad Piping Guan, Pipile pipile (Jacquin 1784) synonym Aburria pipile was sequenced for the first time in this study. The genome is 16,665 bp in length with overall base compositions of 30.1, 23.7, 32.3 and 13.9% for A, T, C, and G, respectively. Structurally, the P. pipile mitogenome is comparable to that of other Galliformes, thereby demonstrating typical avian gene organization. The mitogenome was subsequently used to produce a revised phylogenetic placement of P. pipile within the Galliforme order, positioning the Pipile genus basal within the Cracidae family. It is further envisaged that this novel genomic data will contribute to a wider understanding of genetic relationships within the genus Pipile and the analysis of the evolutionary relationships of the Galliforme order in a wider avian context.