• Measuring the secretion of heat shock proteins from cells

      Ireland, H. Elyse; Leoni, Francesca; Altaie, Ala; Birch, Catherine S.; Coleman, Robert C.; Hunter-Lavin, Claire; Williams, John H. H.; University of Chester (Elsevier, 2007-10-03)
      This article outlines procedures, using Hsp70 as the example, to: ensure the status of cells (viable, apoptotic or necrotic); identify the heat shock protein secreted; and quantify the secreted protein. Hsp70 has previously been quantified by ELISA, but newer methods are now being adopted, such as BIAcore and bead-based assays for use by FACS. These methods have the advantages of being more sensitive and requiring less sample than ELISA. The BIAcore has the potential to analyse Hsp70 ligands and provide affinity constants.