• Identity, dissatisfaction and political activity - the experience of East German women since unification

      Wagener, Debbie; Chester College of Higher Education (GRIN Verlag, 2002)
      This book investigates the integration of East German women into the new political, legal, and economic system of the re-unified Germany. East German women comprise a particularly significant group in the process of assimilation into the new Germany and they have been frequently singled out as those who have lost the most as a result of unification. The chapters cover - feminist ideology in east and west and the potential for conflict; public policy and the realities of female emancipation in East Germany; East German distinctiveness; dissatisfaction with the Federal Republic; and political activity and mobilisation.
    • Identity, dissatisfaction and political activity: The experience of East German women since unification (associated mp3 files)

      Wagener, Debbie; University of Chester (2002)
      These mp3 files cover interviews with German women in connection with the thesis Identity, dissatisfaction and political activity: the experience of East German women since unification. 2002. University of Birmingham.
    • Promoting independent learning skills using video on digital language laboratories

      Wagener, Debbie; University of Chester (Routledge, 2006-11)
      The article discusses the potential for developing independent learning skills using the digital language laboratory with particular reference to exploiting the increasingly available resource of digital video. It investigates the potential for recording and editing video clips from online sources and digitalising clips from analogue recordings and reflects on the current status quo regarding the complex copyright regulations in this area. It describes two pilot self-access programmes based on video clips which were undertaken with University College Chester undergraduates and reflects on the value of the experience for students in developing a wide range of language skills as well as independent learning skills using their feedback on the experience.
    • Resilience and unemployment: A case study of East German women

      Beck, Vanessa; Wagener, Debbie; Grix, Jonathan (Routledge, 2005-03)
      This article discusses unemployment in the former East Germany and the impact that exceptionally high unemployment in the new German states has had on East German women since reunification. It reflects, in particular, on the potential influence of their experience of life in the GDR in developing coping strategies to deal with the effects of unemployment, an ongoing resistance to unemployment and, most significantly, to a male-breadwinner ethos.
    • Unemployment in the new states and its impact on East German women

      Wagener, Debbie (2004)
      The article discusses the impact of high unemployment on east German women and the strategies implemented to reduce unemployment.
    • Women, identity and employment in East Germany

      Wagener, Debbie; Chester College of Higher Education (University of Birmingham Press, 2003-02-28)
      This book chapter discusses Marxist feminism and female employment in the GDR, current attitudes to employment amongst East German women, and pre-unification versus post-unification factors and their impact on identity formation.