• Learning and teaching in social work practice

      Beverley, Audrey; Worsley, Aidan; Salford University ; University of Chester (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007-10-26)
      This book discusses the teaching and assessment of practice within the social work or social care environment. It focuses on setting the context for learning, learning partnerships, adult learning, creating and using learning opportunities, supervision, reflective practice, evidencing and assessing competence, learning in a multidisciplinary setting, and dealing with difficulties within the learning partnership.
    • Story-telling: A telling approach in healthcare education

      Woodhouse, Jan; University of Chester (2008-06-23)
      This powerpoint presentation and associated notes discusses storytelling as a teaching strategy within healthcare. It gives the background to investigating the use of storytelling and discusses the findings from the literature. It is further supported by a small piece of research undertaken, which identifies ‘good reads’ recommended by healthcare lecturers.