• Manifesto for change

      Carlisle, Caroline; Watkins, Caroline; Mason, Tom; Whitehead, Elizabeth; University of Liverpool ; Manchester University ; Caswell Clinic/University of Glamorgan ; Chester College of Higher Education (Routledge, 2001-07-12)
      This book chapter offers suggestions for healthcare professionals working with people who may be stigmatised. It offers suggestions on how practice may be taken forward in the areas of education, reserch and development, and individual professional practice.
    • Violence in health and social care settings: A training resource package for organisations and individuals

      Skellern, Joanne; Lovell, Andy; University of Chester (University of Chester Press, 2013-03)
      Violence in health and social care settings is now recognised as a major international concern. Training in the recognition and management of potentially violent situations can assist to prevent situations escalating to the point where violence occurs. This training resource pack contains: • A DVD of 25 simulated scenarios • A training manual on how to use the DVD which also includes a ‘notes for trainers’ section The aim is to provide you with the materials needed to: • Create a forum where violence can be discussed • Encourage reflection on your own and colleagues responses to threatening situations • Facilitate assessment of potentially violent or threatening situations • Enable you and your colleagues to plan for adverse situations • Encourage a review of practices in relation to National and local policies and procedures This training resource package can provide a welcome contribution to induction and training programmes for individuals, managers and trainers working within organisations providing a range of health and social care services.