• Bringing Barth’s critique of religion to the inter‐faith table

      Greggs, Tom; University of Chester (University of Chicago Press, 2008-01)
      Although he criticized Barth under the enigmatic phrase “positivism of revelation,” Bonhoeffer saw Barth’s criticism of religion as “his really great merit.” In the present age in which inter-faith dialogue has become more pressing than it has perhaps ever before been, theology can at times engage in two conversations that are not only separate but at worst self‐contradictory: in its discussions with secular society, theology can engage in critical discussions about religion, drinking deeply from the well of criticism offered by the likes of Feuerbach, Nietzsche, Durkheim, and Marx; yet, in its discussions in inter‐faith settings, the danger can arise that these critiques are thrown out altogether or at least lie in abeyance.