• Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Negotiating Religious Voices in Public Spaces

      Graham, Elaine L.; University of Chester (Ashgate, 2016-08-03)
      Western society is entering an unprecedented political and cultural era in which many of the assumptions of classic sociological theory and of main¬¬stream public theology are being overturned. Whilst many of the features of the trajectory of religious decline, typical of Western modernity, are still apparent, there are compelling and vibrant signs of religious revival, not least in public life and politics - local, national and global. A number of scholars have adopted the terminology of the ‘post-secular’ to denote this supposedly problematic co-existence of re¬vitalized religious activism as a decisive force in public life, both globally and locally, along¬side the continuing trajectory of organisational rel¬igi¬ous decline, accompanied by robust de¬fence of secularism in Western societies. This new dispensation of ‘post-secularity’ presents novel challenges for the way in which religious voices are mediated into public spaces. They must learn to negotiate a path between the ‘rock’ of religious revival and the ‘hard place’ of secularism.
    • Ethics in crisis: Interpreting Barth's ethics

      Clough, David; University of Chester (Ashgate, 2005-08-26)
      This work depicts the contemporary crisis in Christian ethical thought and offers a constructive proposal for responding to this crisis. The constructive proposal draws on a new and persuasive interpretation of the ethics of Karl Barth developed in the central section of the book. The aims of the work are three-fold: (1) to draw attention to the failure of Christian ethicists to speak in a way that can be heard in contemporary ethical debate; (2) to demonstrate that Karl Barth’s ethical thought should be interpreted dialectically, in the light of his response to the crisis of the Römerbrief; (3) to make a proposal for how the crisis of speechlessness in contemporary Christian ethics may be overcome, drawing on this dialectical interpretation of Barth’s ethics.
    • Fighting at the command of God: Reassessing the borderline case in Karl Barth’s account of war in the Church dogmatics

      Clough, David; University of Chester (Ashgate, 2004-12-21)
      This book chapter discusses Karl Barth's attitudes to warfare and pacifism.
    • Theology without words: Theology in the deaf community

      Morris, Wayne; University of Chester (Ashgate, 2008-07-28)
      This book is a study of theology in the deaf community. It examines the issues facing the deaf community in undertaking theological research.
    • Thiselton on hermeneutics: The collected works and new essays of Anthony Thiselton

      Thiselton, Anthony; University of Chester (Ashgate, 2006-11-29)
      This book provides select expositions and critical discussions of hermeneutics as a multidisciplinary area.
    • What's right with the Trinity? Conversations in feminist theology

      Bacon, Hannah; University of Chester (Ashgate, 2009-12-18)
      This book discusses the doctrine of the Trinity and the problems it poses for feminist theology.