• Irish migrants in Britain 1815-1914: A documentary history

      Swift, Roger; Chester College of Higher Education (Cork University Press, 2002-03-23)
      This edited book uses a range of contemporary records, including Parliamentary papers, social surveys, newspapers, letters, and reminiscences to explore the experiences of Irish migrants in Britain between 1815 and 1914. The sources focus on migration, settlement, employment, social conditions, religion, Radical and labour movements, nationalism, and Unionism.
    • Streanaehalch (Whitby), its satellite churches and lands

      Pickles, Thomas; University of Chester (Cork University Press, 2017-01-03)
      This paper argues in favour of the identifying the early medieval monastery of Straenaeshalch with Whitby, North Yorkshire, and proceeds to argue for a network of neighbouring satellite churches and lands on the north eastern coastal plain of Yorkshire, before considering the relationship between monasteries and the early medieval landscape.