• Art, music and the global dimension

      McDougall, Ian; Duffty, Sian; Diocese of Chester ; University of Chester (Trenthan Books, 2009)
      This book chapter discusses activities which introduce children to products and creative processes drawn from diverse cultures at foundation stage, key stage 1, and key stage 2.
    • English and the global dimension

      Brien, Jackie; University of Chester (Trenthan Books, 2009)
      This book chapters suggests books that can be read to introduce a global dimension into foundation stage and key stage one English teaching.
    • The global dimension and foundation stage

      Devarakonda, Chandrika; University of Chester (Trenthan Books, 2008-09-01)
      This book chapter discusses how a global dimension to the foundation stage curriculum can provide opportunities for exploring relationships and issues at personal, local, and global levels.