• Arts in the Military: A theatrical Performance Exercise

      Tavares, Susana V.; Pässilä, Anne; Owens, Allan; Pereira, Filipa; European University, Lisbon; Lappenranta University of Technology; University of Chester; Military Academy, Lisbon. (2016-06-30)
      The 11th edition of the International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD – 2016) addressed three key topics leading towards a new architecture of knowledge: big data, culture and creativity. In view of radically changing demands on knowledge work as an eminent factor for personal, organizational, and societal success its patterns have to be rethought. New ways of creating, processing, and sharing knowledge must be discovered beyond the classic paths of established disciplines. This paper presented research n progress investigating the value of a theatrical exercise in the military training of an elite unit in Portugal.