• Learning across boundaries: Developing trans-professional understanding through practitioner enquiry

      Hulme, Robert I.; Cracknell, David; University of Chester (Routledge, 2013-04-02)
      This book chapter examines the value of practitioner inquiry in the development of common language and shared understanding for a group of mid-career professionals from a variety of public service backgrounds brought together in order to formulate and disseminate responses to the Every Child Matters (2003) agenda for integrating services for children.
    • Supporting the development of social policy in a Russian university through international online dialogue

      Hulme, Robert I.; Luchinskaya, Elena; University of Chester ; Manchester Metropolitan University (Peter Lang, 2007)
      This book chapter explores the use of computer-mediated communication and the use of reflective writing as part of an international professional learning project to establish a "Centre for Social Policy" at Udmurt State University in Russia between 2002 and 2005.
    • The global transfer of policy

      Hulme, Robert I.; Hulme, Moira; Univesity of Chester ; University of Glasgow (2008-06-20)
      This book chapter contrasts 'policy transfer' and 'travelling and embedded policy'. Policy transfer helps to explain the use of knowledge from elsewhere in decision-making processes. Travelling and embedded policy sheds light on the complex relationships between supranational, cross-national, regional and sectoral influences on policy making. Examples of education policy are used to illustrate the processes of global social policy making. In doing so, the chapter offers a particular focus on how global social policy agendas are mediated or negotiated by policy communities and networks in producing 'local' policy settlements.
    • The role of policy transfer in assessing the impact of American ideas on British social policy

      Hulme, Robert I.; University of Chester (SAGE, 2006-08-01)
      This journal article assesses the contribution of existing work on policy transfer to the understanding of policy change on the international stage.
    • The ‘re‐imagining’ of evidence under New Labour: Policy and practice in education in uncertain times

      Hulme, Robert I.; Hulme, Moira; University of Chester ; University of Glasgow (Taylor & Francis, 2009-12-29)
      This article considers the relationship between evidence, policy and practice in education in England during the period of New Labour's governance.