• The Role of Embedded Individual Values, Belief and Attitudes and Spiritual Capital in Shaping Everyday Postsecular Organizational Culture

      Baker, Chris; Stokes, Peter; Lichy, Jessica; University of Chester; IDRAC (Wiley, 2016-01-08)
      This paper investigates the values, beliefs and attitudes (VBA) held by individual employees within business environments which motivate and shape behaviour in the workplace, and the extent to which VBA reveal roots and drivers linked to spiritual capital (and associated capitals). Building on early authorial work (Authors, 2011), and referring to literature from theology and religion, as well as business organization and management, the paper discusses the critical and dialectical relationship between different forms of capital (for example, social, human, economic), modernistic, ‘hard’ cultures and issues of managerialism and alternative critical, ‘soft’ frameworks and sources of ethics and values - and their impact on the business setting. It will do this primarily by proposing a new typological model showing the dynamic and potentially progressive interplay between spiritual, human, bridging and linking forms of social capital within corporate and public settings and explores their implications for management. This typological model is derived from original research using in-depth semi-structured interviews from three different organizations in NW England and Wales, to determine the extent to which notions of the postsecular and spiritual capital may operate in workplaces.