• An Ecosystem View of Peer-to-Peer Electricity Trading: Scenario Building by Business Model Matrix to Identify New Roles

      Montakhabi; email: mehdi.montakhabi@vub.be; Zobiri; email: fairouz.zobiri@kuleuven.be; van der Graaf; orcid: 0000-0002-3338-3453; email: shenja.vandergraaf@utwente.nl; Deconinck; orcid: 0000-0002-2225-3987; email: geert.deconinck@kuleuven.be; Orlando; email: nico.orlando@kuleuven.be; Ballon; email: pieter.ballon@vub.be; Mustafa; email: mustafa.mustafa@manchester.ac.uk (MDPI, 2021-07-22)
      This article introduces new roles in future peer-to-peer electricity trading markets. Following a qualitative approach, firstly, the value network of the current electricity market is presented. To do so, service streams, critical roles, activities, and their setting in the electricity market are identified. Secondly, in order to identify the main sources of uncertainty, the business model matrix framework is utilized to analyze peer-to-peer electricity trading. Thirdly, four future scenarios are built based on user involvement and customer ownership. The outcome of the scenario building is the emergence of new roles, brokers, and representatives in the future peer-to-peer electricity markets. Fourth, based on the four future scenarios, changes in the value network, new roles, and emerging/evolving activities are identified. Finally, the two new roles are discussed from grid structure, security and privacy, legal, and data protection perspectives. The data is gathered by conducting semi-structured interviews with stakeholders in the current electricity market as well as potential disruptors. This article elaborates on the configuration of the value network in the electricity market and highlights the changes that peer-to-peer trading imposes to the status quo. Through the outcomes of the value network analysis, it assists policy makers to consider the requirements and current market players to reconsider their business models.