• Labels and object categorization in six- and nine-month-olds: tracking labels across varying carrier phrases.

      Ferry, Alissa; email: alissa.ferry@manchester.ac.uk; Guellai, Bahia (2021-07-29)
      Language shapes object categorization in infants. This starts as a general enhanced attentional effect of language, which narrows to a specific link between labels and categories by twelve months. The current experiments examined this narrowing effect by investigating when infants track a consistent label across varied input. Six-month-old infants (N = 48) were familiarized to category exemplars, each presented with the exact same labeling phrase or the same label in different phrases. Evidence of object categorization at test was only found with the same phrase, suggesting that infants were not tracking the label's consistency, but rather that of the entire input. Nine-month-olds (N = 24) did show evidence of categorization across the varied phrases, suggesting that they were tracking the consistent label across the varied input. [Abstract copyright: Copyright © 2021 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.]