• Affect in EMI at a German university

      Hunter, Michelle; Lanvers, Ursula (Amsterdam University Press, 2021-10-19)
      Englishization in German education is progressing rapidly, driven both by top-down and bottom-up forces (Lanvers & Hultgren, 2018). HE institutions are under pressure to be internationally attractive to fee-paying foreign students, but also need to offer high quality HE for home students. In the rapid move towards ‘Englishizing’ German HE institutions (Earls, 2014), little attention has been given to how stakeholders themselves – as participants but not enactors of this change – experience Englishization (Göpferich et al., 2019). This chapter explores how stakeholders experience affective dimensions of Englishization in a German HE institute. These insights can inform future training needs for English-medium instruction (EMI) staff and students. We conclude by linking our affective focus to wider development of Englishization in Germany.
    • Were the Early Christians Really Persecuted?

      Middleton, Paul (Amsterdam University Press, 2021-06-25)
      The long-held image of early Christ-believers persecuted by an intolerant state has been called into question by a “minimalist” view, which, in contrast, understands Christian obstinacy as intolerance of a largely tolerant Roman state. This article seeks to balance these two extremes by offering a new model of “modified minimalism,” which accounts for both Christian and Roman viewpoints.