• Double bordered constructions of self-dual codes from group rings over Frobenius rings

      Gildea, Joe; Taylor, Rhian; orcid: 0000-0002-8563-2212; email: rhian.taylor@chester.ac.uk; Kaya, Abidin; Tylyshchak, A. (Springer US, 2020-01-09)
      Abstract: In this work, we describe a double bordered construction of self-dual codes from group rings. We show that this construction is effective for groups of order 2p where p is odd, over the rings F2+uF2 and F4+uF4. We demonstrate the importance of this new construction by finding many new binary self-dual codes of lengths 64, 68 and 80; the new codes and their corresponding weight enumerators are listed in several tables.