• Data-Driven Dispatching Rules Mining and Real-Time Decision-Making Methodology in Intelligent Manufacturing Shop Floor with Uncertainty

      Zhang, Liping; email: zhangliping@wust.edu.cn; Hu, Yifan; email: huyifan@wust.edu.cn; Tang, Qiuhua; email: tangqiuhua@wust.edu.cn; Li, Jie; email: jie.li-2@manchester.ac.uk; Li, Zhixiong; email: zhixiong.li@yonsei.ac.kr (MDPI, 2021-07-15)
      In modern manufacturing industry, the methods supporting real-time decision-making are the urgent requirement to response the uncertainty and complexity in intelligent production process. In this paper, a novel closed-loop scheduling framework is proposed to achieve real-time decision making by calling the appropriate data-driven dispatching rules at each rescheduling point. This framework contains four parts: offline training, online decision-making, data base and rules base. In the offline training part, the potential and appropriate dispatching rules with managers’ expectations are explored successfully by an improved gene expression program (IGEP) from the historical production data, not just the available or predictable information of the shop floor. In the online decision-making part, the intelligent shop floor will implement the scheduling scheme which is scheduled by the appropriate dispatching rules from rules base and store the production data into the data base. This approach is evaluated in a scenario of the intelligent job shop with random jobs arrival. Numerical experiments demonstrate that the proposed method outperformed the existing well-known single and combination dispatching rules or the discovered dispatching rules via metaheuristic algorithm in term of makespan, total flow time and tardiness.