• Conceptualizing Internationalization at a Distance: A “Third Category” of University Internationalization

      Mittelmeier, Jenna; orcid: 0000-0002-6037-822X; email: jenna.mittelmeier@manchester.ac.uk; Rienties, Bart; Gunter, Ashley; Raghuram, Parvati (SAGE Publications, 2020-02-17)
      Internationalization efforts in higher education have often been categorized according to Jane Knight’s binary of “Internationalization at Home” (IaH) and “Internationalization Abroad” (IA). However, a rising number of technology-supported activities have created new opportunities for university internationalization. For example, students can now remain “at home” while using technology to study with an institution or program that is simultaneously located “abroad.” We have conceptualized these activities as a new third category called Internationalization at a Distance (IaD). In this article, we introduce the concept of IaD and outline an in-depth case study of an international distance education provider at scale, the University of South Africa.