• Examining the Relationship Between Autism Traits and Sleep Duration as Predictors of Suicidality

      Hochard, K. D.; orcid: 0000-0001-9611-4683; email: k.hochard@chester.ac.uk; Pendrous, R.; Mari, T.; Flynn, S. (Springer US, 2020-02-21)
      Abstract: Short sleep duration is a known risk factor for suicidality in the general population, yet it is unclear how short sleep interacts with autism traits in predicting suicidality. In this cross-sectional online study, a general population sample (N = 650) completed measures assessing autism traits, suicidal ideation, and sleep duration. Moderated hierarchical regressions demonstrated that higher autism traits and shorter sleep were independent predictors of increased suicide ideation. However, sleep duration did not significantly moderate the autism trait to suicide ideation relationship. Future work should explore this relationship longitudinally using objective measures before considering intervention work to increase sleep duration in those with elevated autism traits.