• Biotechnological exploitation of Saccharomyces jurei and its hybrids in craft beer fermentation uncovers new aroma combinations.

      Giannakou, Konstantina; Visinoni, Federico; Zhang, Penghan; Nathoo, Nishan; Jones, Paul; Cotterrell, Mark; Vrhovsek, Urska; Delneri, Daniela; email: d.delneri@manchester.ac.uk (2021-05-28)
      Hybridisation is an important evolutionary mechanism to bring about novel phenotypes and may produce new hybrids with advantageous combinations of traits of industrial importance. Within the Saccharomyces genus, Saccharomyces jurei is a newly discovered species and its biotechnological potential has not yet been fully explored. This yeast was found to be able to grow well in unhopped wort and at low temperatures, qualities necessary in good candidates for fermented bevarages. Here, we analysed its fermentation and aroma profile and created novel non-GMO hybrids between S. jurei and S. cerevisiae ale yeasts to develop new starter strains with interesting flavours for the craft brewing and beverage industry in general. Pilot beer fermentations with specific hybrids showed a good fermentation performance, similar to the ale parent strain, while eliminating the hyper-attenuation characteristic and a more complex flavour profile. This study exploits the genetic diversity of yeasts and shows how inter-specific hybridisation and clone selection can be effectively used in brewing to create new products and to eliminate or increase specific traits. [Abstract copyright: Copyright © 2021 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.. All rights reserved.]