• Exploring Staff Implementation of a Self-directed Parenting Intervention for Parents with Mental Health Difficulties

      Butler, J.; Gregg, L.; Calam, R.; Wittkowski, A.; orcid: 0000-0003-3806-0183; email: anja.wittkowski@manchester.ac.uk (Springer US, 2020-05-22)
      Abstract: Parents with mental health difficulties face significant barriers in accessing evidence-based parenting interventions. Self-directed approaches may be a destigmatising, accessible alternative. Evidence has suggested that Triple P Positive Parenting Programme’s self-directed format is as effective as more time- and cost-intensive delivery methods. The aim of the current study was to establish whether staff were able to use this intervention with parents with mental health difficulties and to explore staff experiences of implementation. Triple P self-help workbooks were provided to practitioners across three teams. Data were collected regarding workbook uptake and use. Interviews with staff exploring their experiences of implementation were analysed using thematic analysis. Overall, 41 participants were recruited, of which 12 (29.27%) also consented to interviews. Overall, six practitioners (14.63%) reported that they utilised the workbook. Uptake and utilisation were varied, but practitioners who used the workbook reported positive outcomes. Interviews revealed themes regarding practitioner concerns, views of the intervention and implementation issues. Self-directed Triple remains a promising intervention but its feasibility is dependent on addressing barriers to implementation and facilitating a family-focused approach to meet the needs of these parents and their children.