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dc.contributor.authorTorrance, Jamie
dc.contributor.authorHeath, Conor
dc.contributor.authorAndrade, Maira
dc.contributor.authorNewall, Philip
dc.identifier.citationTorrance, J., Heath, C., Andrade, M., & Newall, P. (2023). Gambling, cryptocurrency, and financial trading app marketing in English Premier League football: A frequency analysis of in-game logos. Journal of Behavioral Addictions, 12(4), 972–982.
dc.description.abstractThe gamblification of UK football has resulted in a proliferation of in-game marketing associated with gambling and gambling-like products such as cryptocurrencies and financial trading apps. The English Premier League (EPL) has in response banned gambling logos on shirt-fronts from 2026 onward. This ban does not affect other types of marketing for gambling (e.g., sleeves and pitch-side hoardings), nor gambling-like products. This study therefore aimed to assess the ban's implied overall reduction of different types of marketing exposure. Methods: We performed a frequency analysis of logos associated with gambling, cryptocurrency, and financial trading across 10 broadcasts from the 2022/23 EPL season. For each relevant logo, we coded: the marketed product, associated brand, number of individual logos, logo location, logo duration, and whether harm-reduction content was present. Results: There were 20,941 relevant logos across the 10 broadcasts, of which 13,427 (64.1%) were for gambling only, 2,236 (10.7%) were for both gambling and cryptocurrency, 2,014 (9.6%) were for cryptocurrency only, 2,068 (9.9%) were for both cryptocurrency and financial trading, and 1,196 (5.7%) were for financial trading only. There were 1,075 shirt-front gambling-associated logos, representing 6.9% of all gambling-associated logos, and 5.1% of all logos combined. Pitch-side hoardings were the most frequent marketing location (52.3%), and 3.4% of logos contained harm-reduction content. Discussion & Conclusions: Brand logos associated with gambling, cryptocurrency, and financial trading are common within EPL broadcasts. Approximately 1 in 20 gambling and gambling-like logos are subject to the EPL's voluntary ban on shirt-front gambling sponsorship.
dc.publisherAkadémiai Kiadó
dc.sourcepissn: 2062-5871
dc.sourceeissn: 2063-5303
dc.subjectPsychiatry and Mental health
dc.subjectClinical Psychology
dc.subjectGeneral Medicine
dc.subjectMedicine (miscellaneous)
dc.titleGambling, cryptocurrency, and financial trading app marketing in English Premier League football: A frequency analysis of in-game logos
dc.contributor.departmentSwansea University; University of Chester; University of East London; University of Bristol; CQ University
dc.identifier.journalJournal of Behavioral Addictions
dc.description.fundingUniversity of Chester; FundRef:; Grant(s): QR735

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