• Aging in China: implications to social policy of a changing economic state

      Chen, Sheying; Powell, Jason; Chen, Sheying; Powell, Jason L. (Springer Verlag, 2012-02-02)
    • Aging in Perspective and the Case of China: Issues and Approaches

      Chen, Sheying; Powell, Jason; University of Chester; Pace University (Nova Science Publishers, 2011-11-21)
      This book explores populational aging in China.
    • Care and trust: A new understanding

      Powell, Jason; Chen, Sheying; University of Chester; Pace University (Open Access Text, 2017-12-14)
      The paper is a critical review of the problems and implications of trust and in managing diversity in the British community care system. It is a system in need of strong diversity management in the light of the world economic downturn in recent years. Despite raft of policies on leadership in social care in the UK, the structural issues for why the needs of diverse groups are not met are difficult to understand at particular levels of analysis. The central problem has been lack of ‘trust’. The paper detangles the implications of different forms of trust in order to understand care relations in health contexts.
    • Foucault and technologies of health

      Powell, Jason; Chen, Sheying; University of Chester; Pace University (Open Access Text, 2017-11-13)
      Whilst the earlier work of Foucault has influenced explanatory frameworks for understanding health and medical research, what has not been delineated sufficiently is Foucault’s later work of ‘technologies of self’. This paper unravels some of the conceptual and theoretical insights of Foucault’s later work in order to understand ‘bio-ethics’.
    • The Global Dynamics of Aging

      Powell, Jason; Chen, Sheying; University of Chester; Pace University (Nova Publishers, 2012-09-19)
      This book explores the issue of global ageing and its impact on different nation states across the world. It is in three parts: the first part sets the scene about the challenges of global ageing; part two utilises a number of case studies examining how different nation states manage social issues associated with acing; the final part explores the impact of global ageing on some of the continents such as Europe and the Americas. The book is by its very nature global as it brings researchers from all parts of the world to give the reader a very rich comparative book.
    • ‘Introduction’ in Neo-Liberalism, Economic Radicalism and the Normalization of Violence

      Powell, Jason; Chen, Sheying; University of Chester; Pace University (Springer Verlag, 2016-04-01)
      This edited volume offers a rich tapestry of critical theorizing about the relationship of forms of physical and symbolic violence in a global world. It provides an important volume of the Springer International Perspectives on Social Policy, Administration and Practice book series. They raise critical questions about social inaction and action and the problems of ideologies which provide mystification processes that denies positive social identity. Of course, the spectre of problems of economic violence against subjugated groups in neo-liberal globalization has endured a lasting legacy. Huge numbers of people struggle with poverty and significant pockets of poverty portend more than lack of income. Those living on the bottom of the socio-economic ladder labor under the burden of avoidable, lifestyle diseases, hunger and related maladies, not to mention myriad social risks.
    • The Power of Ageing in China

      Powell, Jason; Chen, Sheying; University of Chester and Pace University (China Policy Institute, 2017-10-02)
      China is on its way to becoming the top ranked superpower in the world, likely to surpass the United States in terms of stunning and perpetual economic growth. To facilitate the types of economic growth needed to both invest in and sustain its infrastructure development, urbanisation and international fortification of its power, a change was required for President Xi’s China administration to address complex yet commanding forces of populational ageing.
    • The problem of biology and anti-aging: A critical commentary

      Powell, Jason; Chen, Sheying; University of Chester; Pace University (Open Access Text, 2017-11-07)
      This year saw more anti-aging researchers talk about providing a 'cure' for aging in the next five years. Recently, this has been taken up by a number of people who could be called "anti-aging pioneers” (Powell, 2005). One of the fundamental continuities of this trend of thought, is that aging is seen as a 'decaying disease' and the perception given is that only anti-aging science can 'cure' it as a medical "problem" by its reversal. Older people are singled out for 'cure' of their aging because the human body changes shape over time (Biggs, 1999).
    • Social Theory and Aging in a Globalized World

      Powell, Jason; Chen, Sheying; University of Chester; Pace University (2014-04-10)
      This special issue of the Canadian Journal of Sociology is on social theory and aging in a global world. It is an important process in bringing together evocative, engaged, and comparative insights to our understanding of complex aging and social issues through prisms of contextual, conceptual, and new theories.
    • The Third Sector in the Global Economic Recession

      Powell, Jason; Chen, Sheying; University of Chester; Pace University (Emerald, 2016-07-11)
      This special issue puts the social policy spotlight on the third sector and the global economic recession. The array of seven papers explores this inter-relationship and levels of impact on different nation states across the world. Since 2008 to the present and given the complex nature of the world in which we live the economic crises has had a lasting legacy. The articles presented give intimation to the complexity of the crises and impact at differential levels within the nation state, the nation state itself, the European Union and global arena.