• Ageing, technologies of self and bio‐medicine: a Foucauldian excursion

      Powell, Jason; Biggs, Simon; University of Chester; Melbourne University (Emerald, 2004-06-15)
      This paper unravels the conceptual and theoretical insights of Foucault’s later work on technologies of self in order to understand Bio‐medicine which impinges on the social construction of ageing. The article attempts to show how Foucault’s theoretical insights allows scholars of sociology and social policy to provide a critical appraisal of ageing. The paper also examines the relationship between ageing and self‐care in three contextual domains: good health management; use of counselling; and bodily enhancement.
    • A Foucauldian analysis of Old Age and the Power of Social Welfare

      Biggs, Simon; Powell, Jason; Melbourne University; University of Chester (Haworth Press, 2001-06-01)
      It is argued that the question of social welfare is a key, if often overlooked, component in the construction of power relations and identities in later life that can take its place next to debates on bioethics and consumer lifestyle. Foucault's (1977) claim, that identities are kept in place through the deployment of integrated systems of power and knowledge and a routine operation of surveillance and assessment, is critically examined in this context. Trends in social welfare in the United Kingdom are used as a case example that sheds light on wider contemporary issues associated with old age. Finally, implications for the creation of particular narratives about later life are discussed and grounded through Foucault's (1988) notion of "technologies of self."