• Literature and the Irish Famine 1845-1919

      Fegan, Melissa; Chester College of Higher Education (Clarendon, 2002-08-08)
      This book discusses the impact of the Irish Famine on literature, including fiction, non-fiction, journalism, travel-narratives, and the Irish novels of Anthony Trollope.
    • William Carleton, Folklore, the Famine, and the Irish Supernatural

      Fegan, Melissa; University of Chester (Supernatural Studies Association, 2015-09-31)
      This article examines the significance of the supernatural in the works of the nineteenth-century Irish author William Carleton, and in particular the ways in which his grounding in folklore and his reflection of the Great Famine are important in his work.
    • Young Ireland and Beyond

      Fegan, Melissa; University of Chester (Cambridge University Press, 2020-02-28)
      This chapter examines the ideology, aspirations, and political and literary legacy of the Young Ireland group.