• Constructing and delivering services of support: An Evaluation of the Northwest Post-placement Adoption Support Service.

      Harlow, Elizabeth; Mitchell, Andrew E. P.; Doherty, Pauline; Moran, Paul; University of Chester (University of Chester, 2015-04-01)
      The aims of the Post-placement adoption support services (PPASSs) were to enhance the lives of 40 adopted children by: improving their school attainment; improving their relationships with teachers, peers and family members; building their confidence and well-being; and reducing behavioural difficulties.
    • Constructing the Social, Constructing Social Work

      Harlow, Elizabeth; University of Chester (Routledge, 2017-06-06)
      Over recent times, social work has faced many challenges. This chapter does not focus on these challenges, but takes them into account when giving consideration to the construction of the profession in general, and the welfare regime of which it is a part. In giving consideration to this construction, the meaning of the ‘social’ component of ‘social work’ is deemed to be important to the identity of the profession, along with the socio-economic context from which it emerged, and to which it currently belongs. This theoretical foundation calls into question the essentialism of a fixed professional identity, but it also assumes that there is a body of practice known as social work which, over time has become associated with some prevailing features. A chronological approach to the construction of social work is taken and then a case study is offered. A concluding discussion follows on from the case study.