• Student and Lecturer Partnership: Using visual research to change and address a practice problem

      Ridgway, Victoria; Cooper, Elizabeth; Parkes, Elanor; University of Chester (Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change, 2017-12-31)
      This paper reports upon a research study which was conducted in partnership between academics and a (then) student, as part of a University internally funded study. This partnership approach was taken to actively engage a student within additional Faculty activities, seeking to enhance student engagement with pedagogical research. The student, a current pre-registration nursing student (Elanor) had undertaken a placement with the Joanna Briggs Institute as part of her educational programme and this project enabled her to further the emerging interest in nursing research. Both academics were studying for doctorates and thus were beginning their research career and used the award of this project to enhance their research awareness and practice. This paper offers a short insight into the journey of the research, from planning, to completion and through to dissemination.