• Autobiographical memory response to a negative mood in those with/without a history of depression

      Mitchell, Andrew E. P.; University of Chester (AEPress, 2015-09-17)
      In this study, we investigated the accessibility of overgeneral autobiographical memories (OGM) and specific memories by observing the effects of induced negative mood state on the characteristics of memory recall in those with and without a previous history of a depression. The Sentence Completion for Events from the Past Test (SCEPT) was used to assess OGM. The effects of previous history of depression (without history or with previous history of depression) and self-reported mood (pre or post negative mood induction) on autobiographical recall was shown in a mixed factor design. A significant interaction was observed between time and group in their effects on general memories (F(1, 32) = 5.06, p = .03) and specific memory (F(1, 32) = 4.88, p = .03), such that the previous history of depression group experienced a larger increase in general memory and a larger reduction in specific memory from pre to post manipulation.