• CPTs’ perceptions of their role satisfaction and levels of professional burnout

      Haydock, Deborah; Mannix, Jean; Gidman, Janice; University of Chester (Community Practitioner, 2011-05-19)
      This paper reports on a multi-method research project that explored perceived role satisfaction and professional burnout among community practice teachers (CPTs) while facilitating postregistration education and caseload management. A bespoke Satisfaction Questionnaire and the Maslach Burnout Inventory (Educators) were completed by 23 participants to elicit quantitative and qualitative data. Findings are presented in relation to three themes – aspects of the CPT role leading to satisfaction, aspects leading to dissatisfaction or burnout, and ways to enhance satisfaction and reduce burnout. The majority of CPTs were satisfied with their current role. A number of factors were elicited that affected participants’ perceived satisfaction. Respondents scored low levels of burnout overall, with high levels of personal accomplishment and low levels of depersonalisation. The relationship between participants’ satisfaction and their levels of burnout was not found to be statistically significant. However, mean scores on the emotional exhaustion subscale indicate moderate levels of emotional exhaustion. The paper concludes with recommendations to improve the support provided by employers and partner universities for CPTs.
    • Educator

      Mannix, Jean; McIntosh, Annette; University of Chester (SAGE, 2008-03-17)
      This book chapter discusses the concept of the educator in the context of nurse education, education within a Higher Education Institution, education in practice, nurses as patient educators, and service users as educators.
    • Problem-based learning

      Mannix, Jean; McIntosh, Annette; University of Chester (SAGE, 2010-10-29)
      This book chapter discusses problem-based learning as a way in which students can take control of their own learning and develop critical thinking, analysis, reflection, teamworking, and collaboration.
    • Public health and the older person

      Cooke, Irene; Mannix, Jean; University of Chester (SAGE, 2008-11-20)
      This book chapter discusses the diverse social, personal, and healthcare needs of older people.
    • Public health and the pre-school child

      Mannix, Jean; Horley, John; University of Chester (SAGE, 2009-11-19)
      This book chapter discusses child public health.
    • Reflection

      Gidman, Janice; Mannix, Jean; University of Chester (SAGE, 2008-03-17)
      This book chapter discusses reflection as a learning, teaching, and assessment strategy and its benefits.