• Data, information, knowledge

      Keen, Adam; University of Chester (SAGE, 2008-03-17)
      This book chapter discusses the relationship that exists between data, information, and knowledge.
    • A grounded theory study to explore how clinical nurses undertaking research as master's students accommodate and adjust to the experience

      Thomas, Mike; Keen, Adam (University of Chester, 2016-02)
      Taught master's degree programmes represent a popular mechanism for part-time students to access postgraduate level education. A common feature of such programmes is the inclusion of some form of independent research project. Whilst such projects are recognised as being demanding for the students involved, there is a scarcity of research literature that explores their experiences. In this study I have now explored how clinical nurses, as an example of a particular professional group, accommodated and adjusted to the experience of undertaking part-time master's research. My intent was to contribute to the body of knowledge relating to the support of part-time students undertaking master's research.