• Transcending the relevance gap: The accelerated practitioner research approach

      Wall, Tony; University of Chester (Macrotheme Capital Management, 2013-01)
      Within Academe, business and community engagement professionals still report the challenges of working with practitioners outside of Academe. Mintzberg referred to this as a consequence of ‘the relevance gap’ between the knowledge (and practices) produced within universities, and that which is understood and appreciated outside of them. This still seems to be the case globally, certainly within business disciplines (and is no doubt wider in social science research). However, pockets of excellence which actively facilitate pragmatic research have emerged, which go beyond ‘applied’ research approaches, locating the site of knowledge produce within individual practice settings. Even more scarce, is the pedagogic research of practices which facilitate this type of research. This paper specifically focuses on the pedagogic research of facilitating pragmatic research with individuals, drawing on ongoing grounded, action research. It reports the resulting model that has come to be known as APRA (the Accelerated Practitioner Research Approach), and the empirical results of using it so far.