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dc.contributor.authorSarco-Thomas, Malaika
dc.identifier.citationSarco-Thomas, M. (2018). The Materiality of Conflict in Contact: Improvisational Explorations in 'Pitch'. Paper presented at the Dance Studies Association 2018 Annual Conference.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis presentation investigates the 2017 site-based dance film project Pitch, featuring choreography by Charlie Morrissey, as an investigation into the materiality of conflict within contact improvisation practices. New materialist philosophies invite reconsideration of matter as animate in ways which dance improvisers might be said to already perceive the body. Deborah Hay’s knowledgeable cells, and Steve Paxton’s animal body can arguably be read in light of Karen Barad’s notion of posthumanist ‘iterative intra-activity’ in which the consideration of the differentiated mass of thebody as nonhuman becomes another kind of choreographic agent within the performance.Working processes within the project, which included focusing on the tactility of conflict as friction and the consideration of resistance itself as a material, placed emphasis on the dancers’ material experience of the body as a key performative strategy. In this sense, matter became figured, in the words of Barad, not ‘as a mere effect or product of discursive practices, but rather as an agentive factor in its iterative materialization’ (2012: 32) in which the identity of the dancers became ‘radically reworked’. From an analysis of the choreographic process and film product, this presentation will investigate how contact improvisation practices which focus on the tactile experience of matter can be said to be examples of iterative intra-activity on multiple perceptual levels. Tactile confrontation of ‘the other’ and his/her struggle toward aliveness in movement, and confrontation of the porous materiality of the human bodybecome hallmarks of the film.en_US
dc.publisherDance Studies Associationen_US
dc.rightsAttribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International*
dc.subjectcontact improvisationen_US
dc.subjectvideo danceen_US
dc.subjectnew materialismen_US
dc.titleThe Materiality of Conflict in Contact: Improvisational Explorations in 'Pitch'en_US
dc.title.alternativePart of Panel: Contact Improvisation and Somatics as Confrontationen_US
dc.typeConference Contributionen_US
dc.contributor.departmentUniversity of Chesteren_US
rioxxterms.funderUniversity of Malta School of Performing Artsen_US
rioxxterms.identifier.projectUniversity of Malta School of Performing Artsen_US

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