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dc.contributor.authorNagirikandalage, Padmi*
dc.contributor.authorBinsardi, Ben*
dc.identifier.citationNagirikandalage, P. & Binsardi, B. (2015). Exploring Public Sector Accounting Reforms in an Emerging Economy: A Case of Sri Lanka. In Jayasinghe, K., Nath, N. D. & Othman, R. (eds.), The Public Sector Accounting, Accountability and Auditing in Emerging Economies (pp. 51-83). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this paper is to explore the challenges and influential factors experienced in the development of public sector accounting reforms in the emerging economy of Sri Lanka. The reforms aim to improve public governance and transparency while reducing corruption and dishonesty. Qualitative (thematic) analysis has been employed by using both primary and secondary data. Primary data was obtained by interviewing selected respondents from public sector organisations in Sri Lanka. The respondents were selected by using an expert purposive sampling technique. Apart from the primary data, secondary data such as government reports, relevant literature and paper articles was also analysed in order to produce more robust findings. The findings indicate that technological and cultural factors have influenced accounting reforms in the public sector in Sri Lanka. In addition, the politicisation and bureaucracy of the public sector as well as sluggish attitudes towards costs have served as prominent barriers to efficient implementation of the reforms. This study was limited in terms of generalisation because of relatively small sample sizes. A larger sample with more diversity could have enhanced the generalisation of the results which could serve as direction for further research. This paper is intended to fill a gap in the existing literature on public sector accounting reforms in the context of less developed or emerging countries. It is hopefully valuable for both policy makers and practitioners by allowing them to view the development, challenges and influential aspects of the implementation of New Public Management (NPM) in Sri Lanka in order that they will be able to make informed decisions about adopting more efficient NPM practices to enhance the country’s competitive advantages.
dc.publisherEmerald Group Publishing Limited
dc.subjectNew public management
dc.subjectSri Lanka
dc.subjectpublic sector accounting reforms
dc.subjectaccrual accounting
dc.subjectless developed countries
dc.titleExploring Public Sector Accounting Reforms in an Emerging Economy: A Case of Sri Lanka
dc.typeBook chapter
dc.contributor.departmentUniversity of Chester, Glyndwr Universityen

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