• Medical 3D Graphics With eXtensible 3D

      Hamza-Lup, Felix G.; Polys, Nicholas F.; Malamos, Athanasios G.; John, Nigel W. (IGI Global, 2020)
      As the healthcare enterprise is adopting novel imaging and health-assessment technologies, we are facing unprecedented requirements in information sharing, patient empowerment, and care coordination within the system. Medical experts not only within US, but around the world should be empowered through collaboration capabilities on 3D data to enable solutions for complex medical problems that will save lives. The fast-growing number of 3D medical ‘images' and their derivative information must be shared across the healthcare enterprise among stakeholders with vastly different perspectives and different needs. The demand for 3D data visualization is driving the need for increased accessibility and sharing of 3D medical image presentations, including their annotations and their animations. As patients have to make decisions about their health, empowering them with the right tools to understand a medical procedure is essential both in the decision-making process and for knowledge sharing.