• The process of recruitment and selection in Coca-Cola India

      Webb, Paul; Charan, Tripti (University of Chester, 2011-11)
      The research is based on the process of Recruitment and Selection of Hindustan Coca Cola private limited. This is to understand the impact of the above mentioned process and its effectiveness. The data gathered through questionnaires which were filled by the employees if Coca Cola India states that there are many ways through which company attracts new candidates to participate in the interview process. To know whether the employees of the company are satisfied with their job and the salary package offered to them by the company. For the company to realise the reasons for which their employees can leave the job maybe for work pressure or no growth opportunities, etc. Another aim is to know whether the deserving employee is performing the right task or not. This will enable the researcher is understand the process of recruitment and selection better. The main limitation of this research is that the primary data collected through questionnaire is only employees’ perspective about the recruitment and selection process not the employers. If both employees’ and employer’s perspective could have been known it would have given a clear understanding of the process.