• International student recruitment at the University of Chester

      Waddington, Richard (University of Chester, 2009-06)
      The University of Chester is a higher education institution in the North West of England. Traditionally it recruits most of its students from the UK with few coming from outside the EU. With limits to the number of EU students that the University can recruit being imposed and with little very little non-teaching income, there is very little opportunity for growth in core business. With no restrictions as to student numbers, increasing student numbers from outside the EU would seem to be a potential strategy for the institution. This study involved semi structured interviews with University staff and questionnaires distributed to existing international students at the University. The study found that the University lacked a cohesive, embedded international strategy and was dependent on individual interest within academic faculties, however those faculties that made efforts to market their courses did manage to recruit satisfactorily to them. It also found that support services were not designed around the needs of International students and that there was a lack of international community at the institution.
    • "Internationalisation of higher education": An evaluation study of internationalisation efforts at the University of Chester

      Rajkhowa, Gautam; Jofin, John (University of Chester, 2009-11)
      "Higher Education" is considered to be the most internationally traded commodity in the era of Globalisation. The proposed research study aims at understanding the various theoretical concepts of "Intel-nationalisation of Higher Education" around the globe and in particular to "Internationalisation of Higher Education" among the UK universities. The research aims at comparing the internationalisation efforts at a group of sample universities located in different parts of UK and University of Chester. Based on the comparative analysis, the researcher lists out the major findings of this study regarding the effectiveness and drawbacks of the current level of internationalisation at the University of Chester. The researcher also tries to suggest appropriate recommendations for improving the "Level of Internationalisation" at the University of Chester in the years to come.
    • Marketing of UK universities overseas: An evaluation study of Chester University, University of Huddersfield and Staffordshire University

      Webb, Paul; Kavididevi, Kumar R. (University of Chester, 2009-11)
      The study focuses its attention on the various marketing and international marketing strategies used by UK Universities to determine the elements that can be considered by UK Universities in future while designing their marketing and international marketing strategies. Qualitative research methods have been adopted and the case studies of Chester University, University of Huddersfield and Staffordshire University have been considered to gain understanding of the perceptions of the universities’ officials. The themes emerging from the case study of the Universities & from the views of officials are used to derive a model using questionnaires and semi structure interviews as the research instruments. The research aim and question that is to be explained in the study is: How UK Universities are Marketing Overseas. The study illustrates the investigation and the data analysis. The study also tests the data against the relevant theory and discusses the findings and finally gives the possible recommendations. These recommendations can be used to further develop the marketing mix model for UK Universities or other similar models & these models can be used in future by UK Universities to plan their marketing and international marketing strategies.