• Value proposition analysis for solid state lighting: A case study of Ahmedali Ahmed Electrical Contracting; Marketing the product in the Kingdom of Bahrain

      Black, Kate; Vinsend, Justin (University of Chester, 2010-11)
      The proposition given to a product or service in terms of its worth given by a customer is researched and analysed to find the underlying factors contributing to the value. The study is undertaken to investigate the different factors that lays ground for increased ‘Customer value’ and ‘Product Value’. The research objective is to find the “Value Proposition Analysis for Solid State Lighting: a Case Study AhmedAli Ahmed Electrical Contracting; Marketing the product in the Kingdom of Bahrain” Most businesses generate profits, when the customers give a certain value(s) to the service/product provided by the business entity. This could involve many attributes to consider. The project overlooks in to this value significantly to understand the attributes that collectively contributes to ‘Valued Relation’ between the customer and the business. This is achieved by making effective use of literature suggested by various authors and by employing research strategies to validate the literature through the findings. The research also looks in to the case study organisation to fully understand the capabilities of the company to market the product. Thus, this analysis will be specifically looking in to the value proposition given to Solid State Lighting by the current UK customers and by clients of AhamedAli Ahmed Electrical Contracting, Kingdom of Bahrain. However, this analysis must viewed critically, as the product comes at a premium price and the study will be much centred in the Kingdom of Bahrain and cannot be generalised for the other GCC countries or the Middle East. This study is focused to generate strategies in marketing Solid State Lighting in Bahrain taking A.A.E as the Case Study Organisation understanding the Value Proposition for Solid State Lighting.