• Business project for Morakot Gallery: Focusing on the Chester, Cheshire market

      Webb, Paul; Sinlapawanich, Supapat (University of Chester, 2011-11)
      This dissertation considers whether it would be feasible for the jewellery shop MORAKOT GALLERY to open a business in Chester, Cheshire. The research presents perspectives on the decision making process, marketing strategies, consumer behaviour, the Internet and E-commerce of a focus group of people who specifically live in Chester, Cheshire. The study includes academic references used to compare and contrast the jewellery business around the world as well as in the UK. The study shows that the focus group seems to love the products from MORAKOT GALLERY, making positive comments about them. The study also shows that demographic factors influence the views of the focus group. The study, therefore, provides suggestions for MORAKOT GALLERY’s future business strategy.