• Space creation dynamics in basketball: A comparison between British and Spanish leagues

      Worsfold, Paul R.; Crum, Phillip (University of Chester, 2013-09-30)
      The most important states for the basketball offence are the ones that produce a rupture in the defence; these are referred to as space creation dynamics (SCD). The British League (BBL) currently falls out of the top 20 domestic leagues in Europe. Spanish Liga ACB is currently ranked the highest league outside of North America. The purpose of this study is to compare the SCD classes used between the BBL and the Liga ACB. The SCD classes are Space Creation with Ball Dribbled, Space Creation with Ball not Dribbled, Perimeter Isolation, Post Isolation, Space Creation Without Ball, On Ball Screen and Out of Ball Screen. Each SCD class occurrence was recorded on a location grid. Twelve games from both the BBL and the Liga ACB were analysed. A total of 3793 possessions were analysed. Intra- and inter-rater reliability was performed using the Cooper et al (2007) method. The results identified several differences between the SCD classes used between the BBL and Liga ACB; Space Created ball Dribbled, On the ball Screen and Off the Ball Screen in the percentage of usage between the BBL and the Liga ACB. A statistical difference was found between the two leagues. BBL used 31.6% on space created with ball dribbled compared to Liga ACB 18.5%. Liga ACB used 19.5% of possessions using on the ball screen compared to BBL 7.5%. Liga ACB used 11.8% with out of ball screen compared to BBLs 5.4%. The practical implications of this study should be primarily aimed at the coaches and then secondly aimed at the players. Developing the BBL to use multiple solutions to create a rupture in the defence would lead to a more developed league which could mimic the tactical play of the Liga ACB.