• Assessment of the effectiveness of attendance management in order to improve work life balance within Warrington Borough Council

      Webb, Paul; Taylor, Ceri L. (University of Chester, 2010-09)
      The aim of this dissertation is to ascertain and review the management policies to address absenteeism levels and improve work life balance within Warrington Borough Council. This will be carried out by conducting an appraisal of absenteeism within the public sector, in particular within local government and Warrington BC, to assemble the required data for improving current policies and meet the challenge of reducing absenteeism and increasing staff morale, productivity and efficiency within the Council. The dissertation describes the methods used to achieve these objectives by: Reviewing relevant literature associated with absenteeism and work life balance to inform and provide the framework for the research; Defining the methodology adopted to undertake the research in terms of the philosophical stance, approach, strategy and methods for data collection; Reporting the findings of the research, demonstrating how they were arrived at through analysis of the collected data and by testing this against relevant theory. The research question and aims investigated for the purpose of this study are: Assessment of the Effectiveness of Attendance Management in order to improve Work Life Balance within Warrington Borough Council; To examine the perceived problem of absenteeism within the public sector, in particular within local government; To critically review literature to establish what the concept of work life balance is and what benefit if any it can be to an organisation; in particular in terms of addressing absenteeism; To identify and analyse the current strengths and weaknesses of the absence and work life balance policies within Warrington BC; To examine the barriers to implementing a new corporate policy for attendance management and work life balance within Warrington BC. Outcome - To make recommendations for actions to ensure continuous improvement in attendance management and promotion of work life balance. In order to answer the research question and to achieve the research aims, a phenomenological philosophy is adopted, using a case study strategy and an inductive approach. The data collection methodology has been identified based on the findings of initial research and fact finding internal interviews. The research includes case studies from the private and public sector in order to demonstrate a balanced and authoritative outcome.
    • Comparing the effects of different absence entitlement contracts on attitudes towards absence and the psychological contract between two existing groups of employees at a north-west branch of Tesco

      Pepper, Catherine (University of ChesterChester Business School, 2006-11)
      This MA thesis discusses an area that has received very little previous investigation, but is becoming more relevant as organisations bring in new absence management techniques, creating different culture groups within the organisation. The study tacked three research objectives : 1) to assess whether the two groups psychological contracts differed, and which areas (i.e. trust, value, commitment, and fairness) were most affected, 2) to assess whether the two groups' attitudes towards absence differed, and finally 3) to assess whether the second group had lower absence levels