• Recovery is a constant battle: Online exploration of sufferers' perspectives on anorexia and bulimia

      Sorfova, E. (University of Chester, 2016)
      Research into the problem of anorexia nervosa (AN) and bulimia nervosa (BN) has previously focused predominantly on perspectives of these eating disorders from an external point of view. The subjective experiences of AN or BN sufferers, however, have not been sufficiently explored. Experiences, shared online, provide a rich source of data to provide a comprehensive understanding of eating disorders and their treatment. This study provides an insight into how individuals with AN/BN make sense of their eating disorder in the online world. Data were collected retrospectively from three online pro-recovery forums. Thematic Analysis revealed three inter-related themes: Paradox of control, Challenges, and Ambivalence, all of which describe the lives of individuals with eating disorder (ED), and demonstrate how they made sense of their eating disorder. Moreover, this study further shows differences between individuals with AN and BN that occurred within the key themes. Implications of the findings for clinical practice are discussed.