• Clinicians in leadership: To what extent does clinical leadership influence the delivery of NHS Wirral's provider services

      Page, Steve; Cooper, Lisa (University of Chester, 2010-06)
      The importance of Clinical Leadership in the delivery of high quality healthcare is well documented (Department of Health (DH), 2007, 2008a, 2008b, 2009a) and now widely acknowledged as being a driver for change within the National Health Service (NHS). This research investigates the influence of Clinical Leadership on the delivery of NHS Wirral's Provider Services. NHS Wirral Provider Services is a large provider of community based healthcare to the registered population of Wirral (340,000 population) and has an annual budget in excess of fifty-two million pounds In order to create a conceptual background and framework for this research, the concepts of Leadership and Clinical Leadership are explored in the literature review, which includes analysis of the current contextual backdrop of driving forces affecting Clinical Leadership which support the organisational importance of the research. The research utilises an interpretative phenomenological approach and a combination of inductive and deductive techniques to create the research instruments, which include semi-structured interviews and a focus group. Within-method triangulation of data is achieved which supports the validity and reliability of the findings and subsequent conclusions presented. Following data collection and analysis, the research highlights a number of issues within NHS Wirral's Provider Services relating to Clinical Leadership. Consequently, the Author concludes there is an understanding of Clinical Leadership within NHS Wirral's Provider Services at the time of this research. However it is difficult to ascertain to what extent Clinical Leadership may influence the delivery of NHS Wirral's Provider Services. The report finishes with recommendations based on the research, which if addressed, will contribute to the development of Clinical Leadership and its potential influence on the delivery of NHS Wirral's Provider Services.