• Manchester Healthy Living Programme: A case study

      Fallows, Stephen; Ellison, Andrew (University of Chester, 2007-12)
      This paper reviews: health promotion initiatives; the evidence highlighting the need for such initiatives; and evaluates one health promotion initiative, the 'Manchester Healthy Living Programme'. This paper is separated in to two separate sections. Study 1. Evaluation of the Manchester Healthy Living Project. The evaluation involved a self-assessment questionnaire during the 10-week healthy living course. The questionnaire assessed the participants' knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour before and after the project. The 15 questions related to diet, exercise and lifestyle. 9 adults and 10 young people participated (n=19). The findings showed that all participants increased their self-assessed scores after the project when compared to before. The biggest increase was seen in the questions relating to knowledge. The findings lead onto the second study, which investigated the effectiveness of health initiatives in changing behaviour. Study 2. Health Promotion Initiatives and Behaviour Change. The second study addressed the findings from the Healthy Living Programme and reviewed evidence from similar health promotion initiatives, which assessed the effectiveness of health promotion. The findings showed that the methods for evaluation such as, interviews and long-term follow up studies show the greatest behaviour change, and that health promotion is more effective in relation to behaviour change when carried out on a one-one basis.