• Self-Respect and Prejudice: An Enquiry into Self-Respect as a predictor of Prejudice and Discrimination Towards Sufferers of Eating Disorders

      Clucas, Claudine; Rodrigues Bezerra, Marcus (University of Chester, 2017-09)
      The relationship between Self-Respect (specifically Recognition Self-Respect and Appraisal Self-Respect) and Prejudice has not yet been fully investigated, and there are indications that they relate to Prejudice through other components of Self-concept, such as Empathy and Unconditional Respect. To establish the dynamics of this relationship participants (N = 95, 54 females and 41 males) from an opportunity sample of students and members of the public from Cheshire County participated in a Cross-sectional survey study. Different scales were employed measuring: Recognition Self-Respect, Appraisal Self-Respect, Unconditional Respect, Self-Esteem, Empathy Scale, and Paid Respect Scale. Appraisal Self-Respect was found to be a significant predictor of Prejudice, and this relationship was mediated bf Empathic-Concern Empathy. Recognition Self-Respect was not found to be a significant predictor of Prejudice, after adjusting for global Self-Esteem. The discrepancy in findings within the concept of Self-Respect may be a reflexion of the complexity in the components that constitute Self-Respect, and of the dynamic manner, in which Respect and Self-Respect relate as a continuum.