• The British media's portrayal of Romano-British and Anglo-Saxon deviant burials with emphasis on the vampire myth

      Williams, Howard; Guilliano, Shameem (University of Chester, 2013)
      The aim of this dissertation is to discuss and investigate how the British online media portrays discoveries of deviant burials, particularly decapitation burials from Roman Britain, early Anglo-Saxon and late Anglo-Saxon periods, as well as some recent Eastern European discoveries. An investigation into how the media portray deviant burials and whether they are quicker to call deviant or decapitated burials ‘vampire burials’ in Eastern European examples due to their history of vampire folklore will also take place. Finally, comments made by the public on these online news stories will be analysed in order to understand how society is reacting and viewing these stories within their wider context. The main focus will be on decapitation burials suggested to be ‘vampire’ burials, or burials used solely for the purpose of burying those who were feared would return as vampires once deceased.